Art Director, Designer, Illustrator

Know Your Girls


It all started when…
Role: Creative Strategists & Illustrator

Creative Shop joined forces with the Ad Council + the agency Translation for Susan G. Komen's campaign for breast cancer awareness. "Know Your Girls" is a campaign that taps into the power of sisterhood to encourage black women to know your breast like you know your girls. Translation launched the campaign with a beautiful video encouraging women to visit to learn about their personal risk factors and other resources for their breast health.

Creative Shops Role

Our task was to extend the campaign on Instagram/Facebook this August/September. As we were in the process of developing the creative, Komen was so excited about it that they asked if we could create printed takeaways for their booth at Essence Fest. Soon after, they asked if they could use the designs to skin their full booth! We flipped the language of the most important information from their website to focus on empowerment so that learning about your family history became "Know Your Roots", being your best advocate became "Know Your Magic", being fully equipped at a doctors appointment became "Know Your Strength", and knowing your risk factors became "Know Your Self". We paired these empowering statements with custom illustrations to launch as Instagram/Facebook ads.